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dubai-9-2-2015For years travelers like me who do not have huge money to splash on holidays are literally struggling to find a website or a source that can allow us to book our flights and hotels at the price that we want them for. In simple words the freedom of choosing our own dates and fares for traveling. But after a referral I managed to check or should I say test a travel website that could be my savior when it comes to booking flights from London to Dubai. Flights4dubai is the name of the website which really got me a chance to fulfill my desire to go on a vacation to Dubai.

Dubai to me as for many is one of the best destinations that not only offer you the full value for your money but also add that extra to your vacations as well. But looking at the fares nowadays it seemed impossible for me to book a vacation out of Europe desperately. First of all the website was fantastic and full of information on the every single airline and the hotel that you prefer to choose and secondly gives you an option to book them straight from your home thus offering you a chance to save on time and gas at the same time. For the first time in my life I had the luxury of choosing my own flights and the hotels for the first time ever. At last I was able to my cheap flights to Dubai thanks to them and gave me a chance to enjoy my vacation in Dubai, so since then whenever I have to look out for any fares of flights I know which trusted partner that I will be looking at!

Dubai for all is one of the most intriguing destinations in the world. The transformation that this city has seen is somewhat spectacular and that too within a short span of time. I traveled to this marvelous destination with my friends and trust me that is still one of the best experiences that I ever had. Apart from the cheap air tickets to Dubai that I got the deals and the services on the hotels were also out of the world.

Dubai is known for its hotels some spectacular and some unbelievable. It is a spectacle of a different kind whether you take the man-made islands of the Palm Jumeirah or the hotels and resorts on the Jumeirah stretch itself. Whether it’s Burj Al Arab, The Atlantis, Jumeirah beach and the list goes on as far as the luxury hotels on the beach is concerned. Dubai hotels are not restricted to the beach only as the there are some of the finest hotels available in the city irrespective of whether it’s a Five or a four star hotel.

I managed to stay with one of those city hotels which is known as DusitThani. I did research on few hotels before I booked my cheap flights to Dubai and found it do be the best as per my needs and requirements, it really lived up to my expectations. The DusitThani Dubai is architecturally unique and stands out as a luxurious building in Dubai’s business district. The property features Thai influences as well as opulence and style. The DusitThani Dubai is located in the city’s central business district, with convenient access to the Dubai Convention Center, Jumeirah Beach Park and shopping centers. The DusitThani Dubai is the perfect place to relax, especially in the rooftop pool or the adjacent splash bar. Enjoy complimentary shuttle service to the financial center, Dubai Mall and other select areas. Apart from all the luxury of the hotel which I managed to experience I would like to say that I was lucky enough to book my holidays in Dubai through!!

Dubai flightsLet me take you through a city where past meets future in an unbelievably fascinating manner, a city which is a pinnacle when it comes to defining luxury and human brain to its core. I am talking about none other than the city of Dubai. Book your cheap flight tickets to Dubai today and get a chance to explore one of the most exhilarating cities that you could ever hope to see. With everything from attractions to sights and from shopping to unlimited leisure Dubai surely is one city that should be on your top priority among the cities that you want to explore someday.

The local authority’s desire to drive and discover the city of Dubai has remarkably worked in the form of this amazing city from just a small fishing village to the world’s top notch tourist destination. Places and attractions like Emirates Towers, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, Meena Bazaar, Mall of Emirates, and Dubai Creek etc. Makes this city that much more exciting and fun loving and if you talk about the activities the Dhow Cruise, Desert Safari and the water parks keeps you busy and intrigued all the way.

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There are lot many ways to book your cheap tickets to Dubai; is one of those websites that show you live price and availability of the airlines flying London Heathrow to Dubai. You can just go through the list of the airlines and the fares and book there and then. The state of the art websites apart from offering the best deals and offers gives you in depth information on different areas from airlines to hotels and from attractions to different location that can be very useful to have before visiting a particular country or a city.

The good thing is that you do not have do a lot to book your cheap flights to Dubai , just pick your phone or log online to book your date with this exotic city called Dubai!

Dubai flightsI have been visiting for quite some time now and every time I visit this magnificent city or where ever i try to go in Dubai, I come back to the two most fascinating places in Dubai which actually completes this splendid city which are the Bur Dubai and the Deira. These two areas are the heart of Dubai, places that are full of attractions and sites that really make Dubai what it actually is today. Out of these two areas Deira is the most visited one with number of attractions mainly the Dhow Wharfage whereas Bur Dubai is mainly a high end wealthier area out of the two.

Creek is the only thing that separates Deira from Bur Dubai but the thing that is common between these two areas is their popularity among the travelers who visits irrespective of whether it’s their first or a repeat. Deira Dubai hosts some amazing shops and business and is one of the most famous areas when it comes to shopping. Dubai world Trade center is situated in Dubai Deira and number of different small and big shops that you can spend whole day visiting. You can enjoy the best of Dubai nightlife in Deira with a number of restaurants and coffee shops in line ready to make your evenings an affair to remember. There are numerous 3 or 4 star hotel present in Deira and Bur Dubai which offers exemplary services and hospitality that you can choose from.

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In the end what I will say is if you are planning to visit this city some times in future do not forget to experience the best of these two areas and I can assure that like me you will always be on a look out for stay in Bur or Deira regions of Dubai. So do not waste your time anymore just log on to and book your cheap holidays to Dubai with lowest fares.

Dubai flights

After long planning and contemplating my finances I finally booked my cheap flights to Dubai along with my friends. I had heard so much about this city being a paradise for tourist, the beach, the shopping, the world famous buildings and eye popping architectures started giving me goose bump. There were few among my friends who already visited this amazing city so I was in a company who actually knew what to see and where to go in Dubai, that would really save us time and we could make most of our short holidays.

The day arrived when we landed at Dubai international airport, I was taken aback by the airport, and the city was yet to be discovered. We were so excited that we did not bother even to take rest but we just zipped off instead from our hotel. Our hotel was in Bur Dubai which is the hub for all the markets and shopping thanks to our friends who traveled before and knew exactly where to stay.

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After our three days of tireless tour across the city we decided to head home and my Dubai trip was over even before I could even realize, that’s was the magic of this city that we did not realize the days passing by. Now today when I am at home wondering about the pictures and the videos of our trip, I actually realize that there is lot more to Dubai than just the swanky cars, glittering malls, unthinkable architectures and alluring wind towers, an evening in the lighted desert or tour on Dhow cruise is as exotic as a Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa.

In the end I would say it was sheer joy to visit Dubai and was lucky to have booked my flights to Dubai and hope after reading this you also book your cheap holidays in Dubai so that you have the best of the vacation to cherish!

Dubai FlightsBooking cheap flights to Dubai can be a great idea when you are with your family or friends. Dubai today is among the top tourist destinations in the world. It’s very easy to book cheap flights to Dubai these days as there are countless deals available online for flights and cheap family holidays to Dubai.

Here i would like to share some of the most luxurious Dubai hotels which actually defy logic and demographics. These are unique in their architecture, style and luxuries. So let get started with the list which as follows:

Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Palm Island Resort Dubai

Made on the manmade island, Atlantis is one of the most fascinating and stunning hotel in Dubai. It is said that this hotel has the seven star tag on it, to which some might disagree but what are we losing let’s call it a seven star hotel. The scintillating view from the rooms of the sea and the Palm is just out of this world.

Burj al Arab

Another hotel in the category of the seven stars is Burj al Arab this hotel constructed in the shape of a sail is one masterpiece. It’s got a helipad on the terrace big enough that they showed Andre Agassi playing tennis in the promotion of this hotel. The underwater restaurant offers you a unique experience of dinning while having an underwater view.It’s the most expensive hotel in Dubai and in the world.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Another contestant in the seven star leagues is Jumeirah Beach hotel; calling it a hotel could be an understatement but believe you me it’s just exotic from its architecture to its decor and from the rooms to the facilities. The USP of this hotel is its buffet breakfast at an altitude which cannot be explained in words.

Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah

One of the three main Jaminat properties is one of the most highly regarded luxury hotel in the world. Though it is most expensive but still receives windfall of travelers that most of the times the rooms are on request and are very hard to get confirmed.

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I can go on with the list but it will not end as there is an endless list of luxury hotels in Dubai both in the city and at the beach. All these hotels that i mentioned are on the Jumeirah stretch. So in the end whether you stay in a 7 star or a 4 star or you stay in the city or at the beach the luxuries and the hospitalities of Dubai hotels are unmatched. Visit for detailed info on availabilities, hotels and cheap flights to Dubai.

dubai-small-6-8-2014 is one of the website that is introduced keeping in mind the traffic that goes from United Kingdom, the website is designed in a way that not only offers you ways in booking the cheap flights to Dubai but also let offers you some useful information that you may require about the areas of interest so that once you visit you are fully equipped with the information on places to visit and stay. Whether you are looking to fly from London or you are looking for some cheap flights Belfast to Dubai, is one website that offers you the most updated and immediate deals on cheap flight tickets to Dubai. It can be seen in the way the website is designed that it really means business and not just be designed for the heck of it.

It can be clearly seen that this website or the agency as a whole is prepared to take that extra mile needed in customer satisfaction and service and that is the main plus point of this agency and the website. You can see hundreds of websites offering different deals and offers on cheap flight tickets to Dubai but there are few like who really means what they say and show.


It is reported that the agency has introduced and inducted different methods through which all your bookings are in sync with their back up teams so that your booking that you make on the website can be auctioned more efficiently and promptly and could also be responded if there is any problem reported. It can also be clearly seen that all you monetary transactions are fully secured and along with your booking protected through IATA and ATOL certifications.

In the end to summarize, is one trusted website that offers you some of the most unmatched and unparallel deals on cheap tickets to Dubai. The best part is that you do not have to sacrifice on your preferences but could go along with your preferred airlines paying way less than what you would have paid normally. Most of all you are not let alone with the website to ponder but the 24×7 customer service makes sure that your queries and problems are sorted out if at any point in time you get stuck with it. In the end is your gateway to some of the fascinating deals on cheap flights to Dubai and above all a gateway to one of the most memorable vacation that you could ever hope for.

the-sheikh-zayed-mosque-dubaiOne regularly thinks to visit an elate spot like Dubai; I need to go above and beyond. Why not scribble down a few things in Dubai which are an absolute necessity. These things could be outlined in a gathering of top 4 places in this city. So as you long to book your cheap flight tickets to Dubai learn about the below mentioned places and make it a point to visit on your trip:

Bus Tour in Dubai: In the event that you are new to a spot brimming with stunning areas like Dubai, this tour will help you give an extraordinary prologue to the city. If you are undertaking a cheap holiday in Dubai, this day tour is a must. The Wonder Bus tour makes you meander out and about and cruise through the tides of water. Alternate modes however incorporate a helicopter ride and an additionally energizing hot blow up air ride. On the off chance that you love enterprises, this is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab 7 Star Hotel: One of the rarest accessible most noteworthy evaluated inns on Earth, this inn is apparently the most attractive lodging of Dubai. With a sparkle of gold inside and appear to be like a sail boat, makes this 7 star lodging likewise a standout amongst the most costly inns of the world. There are two approaches to understand this blessing from heaven. Possibly you pay and try for a supper reservation specifically or the other route in which you don’t lose your cash. This is a standout amongst the most energizing 7 things to do in Dubai. So do not miss it on your trip.

cheap flights to Dubai

Deira Abra Ride: Abra, the wooden pontoon gives you a chance to have a ride over the Dubai Creek to arrive at Deira, the flip side.

The Gold Souk: In the wake of arriving at Deira, visit this spot. Souk is business sector. This, henceforth, is a gold business. It is one of its kind and brimming with gold. Going by this spot is worth going by Dubai. Everything is so hopefully wonderful.

The two principle zones of Dubai are Deira and Bur Dubai. The Deira a piece of Dubai offers visitors a choice of excellent attractions, for example, the Dhow Wharf age. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, do not forget to visit Diera. Grab cheap flights London to Dubai and save more for visiting Deira as well.

dubai-sunsetDeira is arranged on the opposite side of the Dubai spring which differentiates it from Bur Dubai. You can get over the Dubai stream at 3 separate focuses. Individuals can additionally make utilization of the Dubai rivulet water taxis which transport individuals from the Bur Dubai side to the Deira side of Dubai. Deira is said to be to some degree less urbanized and popularized then Bur Dubai over the rivulet. Numerous voyagers may underestimate for this thought as being the full truth. Conceded numerous business and monetary exercises are found in the locale including the Dubai World Trade Center however Deira has a great deal to offer too to Dubai guests.

Dubai Souk:

Brokers and organizations could be discovered all over Deira. The contrast with Bur Dubai is the kind of organizations that could be spotted along the streets of Deira. The incredible souks of Dubai are found in Deira. This incorporates the world acclaimed gold souk and also the renowned worldwide zest souk of Dubai.

Going by Deira and going by Bur Dubai are two separate sorts of experience. The head thought process in individuals to accept that Bur Dubai is much wealthier then neighboring Deira is because of the way that Bur Dubai is more current with a lot of people huge and just out of the plastic new structures and vast shopping centers. Deira however offers guests twisty and meager boulevards which are filled incalculable moment shops, Arabic restaurants and the entire environment appears frenzied and sloppy.

cheap flights to Dubai

On the off chance that you love doing shopping at enormous US style shopping centers ought to be euphoric to realize that these are likewise accessible around there of Dubai. You can make a go at shopping at US style shopping centers in both Bur Dubai and Dubai. Countless and different organizations have in the course of the last few years moved from Bur Dubai to Deira as the rents are such a great amount of lower in the Deira side of Dubai. To indulge in unlimited shopping fun, I would again suggest you to spend less on travel. If you are travelling from UK, you may find numerous options for cheap flights like Cheap Flights Manchester to Dubai or Cheap Flights London to Dubai etc. Be wise and choose an affordable travel plan.

Dubai at Night:

The nighttimes in Deira are significantly more bursting at the seams with the boulevards topping off with numerous individuals. Neighborhood occupants affection eating at one of the numerous restaurants or to basically drink an espresso at one of the outdoors espresso. People viewing appear to be the most loved movement for some individuals in Dubai. The extraordinary climate in this some piece of Dubai is clearly a purpose behind numerous individuals to come and stay at lodging in Deira instead of in one of the inns in Bur Dubai.

It is not extremely astonishing to hear that Dubai is really a standout amongst the most mainstream occasion ends of the line around the globe. Well known for its sublime architectures, immaculate sand shores, clear blue waters, and practically unlimited open doors for shopping and eating. You may likewise feel spoilt for decision in the matter of looking for extravagance on your Dubai vacations, with various online travel firms anticipating you to get reveled. Then again, this city is said to be truly mainstream as play areas of the rich and renowned, however being on a tight plan you can likewise take a risk to capitalize on your tour.

In the event that you wish to uncover the best of man-made islands of Dubai, go touring for the few tallest structures of the world in Dubai, or enjoy some truly movement stuffed endeavor that Dubai offers; then this is what you have to do. The main thing that can help you spare additional for your Dubai occasion is by using less on the voyaging part. Traveling to this staggering goal by picking cheap flights to Dubai like Air France flights to Dubai is the most ideal way out. You may need to look at different moderate flight arrangements offered by various online travel sites for doing so. Discovering one of the best sites devoted to Dubai occasions for e.g. Flights4dubai UK, which brings some phenomenal rebate bargains for Dubai flights like emirates flights to Dubai, is the main way you can spare a bit additional for your trek.

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Since Dubai offers you various extravagances even amidst a desert, there are unquestionably a couple of that would not have any desire to miss like;

  • Flying with the best air transport transporters to Dubai like Emirates, air France, Qatar and so on.
  • Visiting Gold souks of Dubai
  • Visiting the Burj Khalifa.
  • Ballooning experiences over the desert.
  • Safaris.