Great accommodations with cheap flights to Dubai

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Flights
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Dubai flights

After long planning and contemplating my finances I finally booked my cheap flights to Dubai along with my friends. I had heard so much about this city being a paradise for tourist, the beach, the shopping, the world famous buildings and eye popping architectures started giving me goose bump. There were few among my friends who already visited this amazing city so I was in a company who actually knew what to see and where to go in Dubai, that would really save us time and we could make most of our short holidays.

The day arrived when we landed at Dubai international airport, I was taken aback by the airport, and the city was yet to be discovered. We were so excited that we did not bother even to take rest but we just zipped off instead from our hotel. Our hotel was in Bur Dubai which is the hub for all the markets and shopping thanks to our friends who traveled before and knew exactly where to stay.

cheap tickets to Dubai

After our three days of tireless tour across the city we decided to head home and my Dubai trip was over even before I could even realize, that’s was the magic of this city that we did not realize the days passing by. Now today when I am at home wondering about the pictures and the videos of our trip, I actually realize that there is lot more to Dubai than just the swanky cars, glittering malls, unthinkable architectures and alluring wind towers, an evening in the lighted desert or tour on Dhow cruise is as exotic as a Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa.

In the end I would say it was sheer joy to visit Dubai and was lucky to have booked my flights to Dubai and hope after reading this you also book your cheap holidays in Dubai so that you have the best of the vacation to cherish!

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