Get spoiled in the Luxuries of the Dubai 5 star hotels

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Flights
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Dubai FlightsBooking cheap flights to Dubai can be a great idea when you are with your family or friends. Dubai today is among the top tourist destinations in the world. It’s very easy to book cheap flights to Dubai these days as there are countless deals available online for flights and cheap family holidays to Dubai.

Here i would like to share some of the most luxurious Dubai hotels which actually defy logic and demographics. These are unique in their architecture, style and luxuries. So let get started with the list which as follows:

Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Palm Island Resort Dubai

Made on the manmade island, Atlantis is one of the most fascinating and stunning hotel in Dubai. It is said that this hotel has the seven star tag on it, to which some might disagree but what are we losing let’s call it a seven star hotel. The scintillating view from the rooms of the sea and the Palm is just out of this world.

Burj al Arab

Another hotel in the category of the seven stars is Burj al Arab this hotel constructed in the shape of a sail is one masterpiece. It’s got a helipad on the terrace big enough that they showed Andre Agassi playing tennis in the promotion of this hotel. The underwater restaurant offers you a unique experience of dinning while having an underwater view.It’s the most expensive hotel in Dubai and in the world.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Another contestant in the seven star leagues is Jumeirah Beach hotel; calling it a hotel could be an understatement but believe you me it’s just exotic from its architecture to its decor and from the rooms to the facilities. The USP of this hotel is its buffet breakfast at an altitude which cannot be explained in words.

Mina A Salam Madinat Jumeirah

One of the three main Jaminat properties is one of the most highly regarded luxury hotel in the world. Though it is most expensive but still receives windfall of travelers that most of the times the rooms are on request and are very hard to get confirmed.

Cheap Flights to Dubai

I can go on with the list but it will not end as there is an endless list of luxury hotels in Dubai both in the city and at the beach. All these hotels that i mentioned are on the Jumeirah stretch. So in the end whether you stay in a 7 star or a 4 star or you stay in the city or at the beach the luxuries and the hospitalities of Dubai hotels are unmatched. Visit for detailed info on availabilities, hotels and cheap flights to Dubai.

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